Better Feedback, Happier Customers

Improve Your Store With Automated Customer Feedback
Feedback is a critical part of any business, especially eCommerce

80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience. Customers tell a different story. In a study by Bain & Company (here), customers believe only 8% of companies deliver a great experience.

There’s a disconnect happening somewhere. Businesses believe everything is fine, but customers aren’t delighted. So how do we bridge this gap?

You can run surveys or speak to customers yourself, but usually, customers don’t want to hurt your feelings. They’ll tell you everything is okay.

This is where automated reviews gathered by a third party fits in. You’ll be getting legitimate, valuable feedback. Though scary, good or bad feedback is essential to improving your business.

“Only 4% of dissatisfied customers will complain. 91% will simply never return to your store.”
And when that happens, you won’t know anything about it. All you’ll know is; sales are down, and customers aren’t returning.
Monitor your feedback to make improvements
You could respond to customer reviews to fix any issues, and turn unhappy customers into delighted customers.
Get feedback for multiple products at once with aggregated review forms
Personalize emails for each customer or product type
Enable customers to vote on past reviews

Your business from customer’s point of view

With automated review gathering, you get a constant view of your business from the other side; the customers’ side. You can make business decisions based on the feedback you receive.

Perhaps you’ll decide not to restock a certain product. Or perhaps you need to work on faster shipping for oversized items.

The plugin is designed to automatically gather as many reviews as possible, without annoying your customers.

“Great tool for building feedback which is an essential part of e-commerce success.”
Catholicwoodworker, another satisfied CusRev user.

CusRev is free, quick, and automatic

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