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Increase Your Sales with Customer Reviews

Social proof is a vital aspect of any online store

Humans are driven to do what others are doing. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived using social proof. Seeing members of your tribe drink from a watering hole meant it was safe.
Though less deadly, online shopping follows the same rules. Customers need to know your product images and descriptions can be trusted. They need to know their bank account is safe.
By using verified reviews, you show that others have used your store and it was safe.

Displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%*

New visitors can see the store is trustworthy, safe, and the goods are quality. So far more visitors will become customers. Your conversion rates will increase, and so will your revenue and profit.

With CusRev, this is entirely automatic. You can easily set it to send out review collection emails, days or weeks after purchase. The review form makes it as simple as possible for the customer to leave a review. * A 2017 study by the Spiegel Research Center

Chasing reviews is no longer a part of your “to do” list

Without any effort, your site is filled with reviews for all your products. These reviews, verified as legitimate by a third party (that’s us), will help boost your revenue and profits.
Send automatic review reminders
Customers can review multiple products in one form
Accept photo and video reviews
Add a “trust badge” displaying a summary of your reviews
“This plugin is great, I’m getting reviews, and also repeat customers.”
Aleksicbre2017, one of our many happy CusRev users.

Start collecting verified, revenue-boosting customer reviews today

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