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Nothing grows your business like thousands of authentic reviews

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Your Customers Listen To Each Other

When you’re deciding whether or not to make a purchase, is there any better recommendation than the positive experience of someone you know? More than 90% of all purchases are influenced by social proof such as reviews, which means there’s never been a better way to grow your online business. Every positive review is a chance to turn your already happy customers into your FREE marketing team, so why not make the most of it?

How it Works

  • 1 Verified customers are automatically invited to leave a review
  • 2 They can review multiple products at the same time, and the plugin does the rest
  • 3 You can offer discount codes to say, ‘Thank You’ and increase brand loyalty
  • 4 Your business grows every time someone leaves a glowing review

A Plugin That Builds Your Business

The competition for online shoppers has never been fiercer, which means you need a solution that allows you to do more than your competition

Higher Conversions

due to social proof that comes from making your customers your new marketing team

Greater Visibility

through enhanced SEO that puts your business in the spotlight

More Repeat Customers

mean you have to spend less time, money, and effort advertising your business

Actionable Feedback

that allows you to hear directly from your customers, and make the changes they want to see

What Our Users Say

Social proof is a powerful thing, which is why we use it to promote our own business. See for yourself what our customers have to say, then ask yourself whether you can afford to miss out on this powerful FREE way to market your business.

Best Plugin Around!

I downloaded this plugin after convincing my bosses that reviews are important on products! I wanted something that would be easy for customers to review without making them go through the hassle of signing on to the website since that is so much work. This plugin made it so easy for me to set up the email that would go out to everyone and also made it easy to provide them with a discount for the review! This is one of the best plugins I have downloaded and I already have 50+ reviews even for some products that my bosses thought would never have reviewed. Now I have set it so it shows on Google Shopping my reviews which is so freaking awesome!!
infojwright (@infojwright), on

Really large increase of product reviews

Simple plugin that works perfectly and caused that we had more product reviews last month then the last 3 years!!!
Bakkie (@eeuweb), on

The best results with this plugin

Very easy for customers to leave multiple reviews. Winning idea, congrats
thedevelopers (@thedevelopers), on

The Best Plugin for reviews

Before this, I tried another review plugin and I never got any review, so sad! After install Customer Reviews, I started to receive reviews everyday, it is so great, oh my God! Customer Reviews is so simple and intuitive, I’m in love with and I strongly recommend! My thanks to those who created this great plugin.
alineferreira (@alineferreira), on

What a splendid plugin!!!

First day and I already win 10 reviews in half an hour. It is user-friendly and very easy to be set. I totally recommend it!!
Vivi (@vivi2810), on

Works great

This does exactly as promised. I can choose to send reviews manually to closed orders, or automate the process. The premium version is so reasonably priced I went ahead and got it. Support has been prompt, complete and courteous. Highly recommend this plugin for collecting reviews on your website.
SocialSpark (@socialsparkmedia), on

It works!

I have to say since I have been using Customer Reviews for WooCommerce I have been getting A LOT more reviews! I had an automation set up through my email marketing platform but that didn’t get many responses. But CR for Woo does!
achievingexcellence (@achievingexcellence), on

Great Product To Get Reviews!

Excellent plugin! We just started using it and were already getting steady reviews coming in! It's also nice and versatile so you can incentivise people with a discount code that gets sent to them to use on the next order. I can only highly recommend the plugin. On top of all that its been bug free and it was simple to setup and configure!
dominikh (@dominikh), on

Absolutely brilliant way to get heaps of real reviews fast

Excellent, automated way to get heaps of reviews without lifting a finger. Flawless. First time around I went … what is this rubbish sending my users to another site… but now i see, it gets all the reviews in one go (especially important if you are selling lots of lower value stuff) and sends them to your site. And then the site the are first taken on (cusrev) keeps them intact. So customers know you are not modifying your reviews… hence the are VERIFIED reviews. Awesome concept, works like a charm
Tamhas (@tamhas), on


Works as it should and the customer (owner of the company’s website) in super satisfied with the amount of reviews we are getting.
mfpraznik (@mfpraznik), on

Exactly what I was looking for!

This is exactly the type of plugin I was looking for to ask my customers for reviews. Within a few minutes I had generated 15 new reviews!
danduv (@danduv), on

Love this plugin!

Until I started using Customer Reviews for WooCommerce I just could not get anyone to leave a review. Just simply asking doesn’t seem to do the trick, but with this plugin it makes it super easy for customers to leave a review on products with one click. Highly recommend!
sooz1972 (@sooz1972), on

Really helps with sales!

We’ve significantly boosted our sales with this plugin. The automated reviews process has allowed us to collect and display 1000s of reviews effortlessly, which customers have flat out told us made the difference in choosing us. Each review has a “see original” link that links to the cusrev website showing the reviews there too, lending legitimacy and minimizing the often-held perception that site owners just make up their own product reviews. It’s like an almost-free version of Trust Pilot or Google Reviews for Business!
fitwarrior (@fitwarrior), on

One Service, Limitless Possibilities

We know that when you want to be able to grow your business, you need a service that adapts and changes as you grow. Here’s just a few of the ways we can help you go from where you are, to where you want to get to
Schema Markup instantly boosts your Google ranking
Display review stars on your products with Google Shopping integration
Automatic collection and verification of thousands of reviews
Harness the power of the long tail keywords customers include in their reviews

Verification Comes as Standard

Fake reviews give a false impression of a business, and they’re no good to prospective customers, or business owners. Because every review is comprehensively verified by an independent 3rd party (that’s us), you can sleep with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your business is being treated fairly in the world of eCommerce.

Reviews Revolutionize Your Business

When you want to take your business to the next level, and beyond, there’s no better way to do it than by harnessing the power of social proof. Every well-deserved 5-star review is a testament to your hard work, so why risk throwing this incredible endorsement away?

You’ll also ensure you make the most of authentic negative reviews, so that you can learn lessons on how to improve, and always offer your customers the best service in your industry. With the click of a button our plugin can start growing your business today.

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