Recension av Organic Hand Sanitiser Balm

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Av Rachel Martel
Postad den 10.10.2020
I paid more than £5.99. I think I paid more like £9. I was really disappointed by how small the bottle was. I have not used the product yet - there is so much hand sanitizer everywhere. I feel somewhat duped and wish I had not bothered to buy this. It is a rip off.
12.10.2020 Säljare
Hi Rachel, thank you for your feedback. We're disappointed to hear that you were not satisfied with our balm - we really would urge you to try it out though - it's nothing like anything else on the market. It doesn't contain alcohol like many of the other brands available and will protect you for much longer - sanitisers containing alcohol are ineffective as soon as the alcohol is dry but ours is a barrier cream that protects for up to four hours. It's also really moisturising so won't dry your hands like alcohol can. We're sorry you were disappointed by the size of the bottle; it does clearly show it is a 100ml, but it lasts ages - a little goes a long way, as some of our other reviews have said. Please do give it a try and let us know what you think then!