Review of 2RX Outdoor Set

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By David C.
Posted on 27.04.2021
Great glasses, purchased to update to the newer model and wasn’t disappointed. These are by far the most comfortable glasses I have used for shooting (I’ve previously used the older model and Pilla) so comfortable it’s easy to forget that I have them on. So far from this set I have used both the HD Brown & Dark Crimson lenses, I found them both to be great on bright days to the point with the HD Brown I don’t need to use a blinder as often as I used to with previous glasses. I also purchased the 2RX Ultra Blue lens with this set and have found that lens to be my go to lens (I just love what it does to the target face and how it makes it so much easier to aim). I love how relaxed my eyes are with these glasses as there’s no longer any need to squint when aiming (not that I had this issue much with the older model other then on very bright days). The new nose pads do not cause any obstruction or gaps between the lens & nose (like some other model glasses can) and are very comfortable to
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