ZRTS Colt Umarex 1911-22 Spring Review by WILLIAM Young

WILLIAM Young Posted 1457 days ago, updated 1000 days ago
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I had to buy back a 1911-22 from a customer because it would not feed well and had failure to extract problems. I had sent the gun back to Walther for repair and it did the exact same thing when the customer got it back. The people a Walther said it was an ammo problem so I tried 8 different ammo brands and only two would work. As a gunsmith and owner of a Ruger Mark IV competition pistol which runs with any ammo I put in it I called BS on Walther. I cut some coils off the recoil spring that came with the gun and the gun started to run better. I got the ZRTS spring in and installed it. I took the gun to the range along with 8 different brands of ammo. The gun ran perfectly with everything I put in it. I am very happy. I may keep the gun for myself because I shoot a Ruger SR1911 in bullseye competition and this will allow me to work on fundamentals without breaking the bank. Good job guys.

ZRTS Colt Umarex 1911-22 Spring