Review of Bloodroot Capsules (Triple Strength) with Cat's Claw and PAPAYA! - 300mg

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By Anonymous
Posted on 09.05.2020
I have been taking a capsule in the morning and at night for about a week now. Just today I’ve decided to up to 2 and 2. I can tell if I don’t eat enough food before taking but it’s not unbearable...just burns some and that lets me know I need to eat some more next time. My dad used BR salve some years back to resolve a melanoma on his ear. I have a large breast mass (invasive ductal carcinoma) and felt like the salve would be too much for me to deal with so I was really happy to find the product in capsule form. I’ll continue to work on upping my dosage and feel that this is a positive addition to my protocol.
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