Review of Bloodroot Salve with DMSO (Deep Tissue) in Glass Jar, 25ml, Free Domestic Shipping

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By Eugene OSullivan
Posted on 18.02.2021
I misplaced my first order and needed to order a 2nd lot. My dog was diagnosed with cancer in his left front paw. The solution offered was amputation at the shoulder. After extensive reading and researching I decided to use the Bloodroot Salve. Within 48 hours the cancer 'fell out'. 2 years later the right paw developed the same cancer. This time we got it early. 48 hours, you guess it, cancer fell out. If we had followed the vet's advice, the dog would have been put down by now. The process of removal was simple and easy and pain free. 2 weeks for healing to be completed and his fur has grown back. We are very grateful to Zenith Herbal for providing such a product. I am sure the dog is too, but he just doesn't realize it. lol
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