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By Anthony Lynn
Posted on 02.11.2018
It is really often that I am amazed by certain products when doing my personal training and speed and agility training. Most times I see some benefit using said products, but I still wish more would come out of it to really “WoW” me and my clients. That “WoW” moment came a couple weeks or so back during a training session when I decided to finally give the X-Plosive Speed Trainer a go and not only was I amazed, but the pure look of joy and excitement on my client was something I will never forget. The design system is amazing and very easy to use while also provide complete control of maintaining resistance or initiating quick release in the athletes stride. The band can fit my variety of clients from linemen to little leaguers and no one has any complaints about it wrapped around the waist as it’s very comfortable and easy to put on or take off. I’m very excited to continue using these trainers as I purchased two of them as soon as they came out and will purchase many more in the
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