Review of ThinLine Europe

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By Catherine Y.
England, United Kingdom
Posted on 01.04.2021
I’m really impressed with Thinline. I ordered the muzzle and although I really didn’t want to have to use it I had no choice. My Dartmoor mare had been so ill with laminitis that it was a muzzle or constant stabling. The muzzle has been a big success, she doesn’t seem to mind having it put on and it restricts her grazing but she still gets enough to eat. It took a while getting the sizing of the halter right because the mini was too small and the pony a bit too big- it would be good to have an in between size but I’ve made it work. In spite of the Brexit hold ups at customs I now have my pony set up for the summer. It was easy to deal with Lauren’s who answered my emails quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend this company. Great product and excellent service.
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