Review of ThinLine Flexible Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

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By Elizabeth Thompson
England, United Kingdom
Posted on 10.10.2021
I have found the solution to my mares health with this muzzle. Firstly, this is the only muzzle I have used that she will except without complaint. My mare has a history of laminitis and I have to monitor her grass intake carefully. The muzzle fits onto a safety headcollar and is very adjustable. It’s kinder as she can breathe and sniff her paddock friends, her nose is not covered and when she eats it allows room for her to do so comfortably. The fitting takes some time but only until you are used to making a few adjustments, I found if she could eat out the sides the muzzle was too low and also I pulled in the front tabs a little,and problem solved! I have two muzzles as I was kindly sent a replacement, i use one for spring grass that has a smaller hole, the second I have made the hole bigger to allow more grass but still controlled. This method stops my mare getting really hungry as she can get very grumpy about having her food restricted. You can make the hole larger very easily. O
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