Review of 3 Month Naked Beauty Box

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By Nicole
Posted on 03.12.2020
The box and service itself are amazing - they respond to my email right away and I had no issue with shipping and delivery. The box is beautiful and the products arrived safely! I have used two products (Blemish Spot Treatment + Midflower Sheet Mask) and love them so far! I do have two forms of feedback, but they are mainly regarding the products/brands (not the overall box itself!): I think the Blemish Treatment rollerball might have a bit more product or there’s is something loose because every time I applied it, it would leak onto my hands or it would leak when i lay it down. not a huge deal because i just keep it upright. Otherwise the product IS fantastic - cleaner alternative for those looking for a spot treatment! I haven’t used this item yet but the Recherch’e Organics Facial Peel does not close all the way. i would tighten it to close, but it still feels loose. I’m not sure if this happened to everyone else! Like the blemish spot treatment, i just keep it upright :) othe
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