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Review of Ultra-Fine Heritage Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

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By Alexey
Posted on 17.05.2020
I really like this flour, but I would say that "pastry" is a limiting way to market it. Whole Sonora turned out perfectly good for making daily bread (I lean towards high-hydration no-knead out of laziness). It was a household favorite, and people described the flavor as a "reminiscent of a french baguette". Not bad for a whole wheat flour! Of course, you won't get __quite__ as airy a crumb, but it'll sit way better in your stomach. From this bread genre, I've used King Arthur White Whole Wheat, as well as a few Khorasan flours. The Sunrise flour knocks the socks off King Arthur's take, to my palate. I like both Khorasan and Sonora, but they're a bit like apples and oranges, good for different times. I'll enjoy having both in my pantry. Speaking of Khorasan, I wonder if Sunrise would source and mill some? My entire order came fresh-milled, and shipped fast, whereas sourcing Khorasan flour otherwise can be a bit of an adventure.
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