Review of Big Buttons Fixed Wireless 4G LTE /3G Desk Phone for Elderly Home Office

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By James
Posted on 02.10.2019
Phone is generally easy to use, but it would be better if the standard ring tone was more similar to 'traditional' desk phones - i.e. 'brring brring .... brring brring'. A longer helical cord connecting the handset to the phone would be good - the phone is quite light, so stretching the cord tends to lift the phone and tip it onto the floor. Also, echo cancellation isn't perfect making conversation a bit unclear - this is probably the most serious issue. User instructions don't make it clear how 'one touch' speed dialling is set up or used. Finally, it would be better if the charger supplied had an Australian standard plug - the adaptor provided makes the power plug very wobbly and insecure. Apart from those product issues, service was very prompt, and the item arrived well packaged.
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