Review of Kentia Palm

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By Samuel
Posted on 23.04.2019
I absolutely adore my beautiful Kentia Palm! It arrived very promptly in great condition. The packaging was excellent, keeping all of the leaves intact. Not only did the plant arrive large, lush, and gorgeous, but it was clearly healthy, as it came with two new fronds opening up. The adjustment process has been seamless thanks to Sue and all of her detailed instructions. She went above and beyond in helping me find the perfect size palm for my space, as well as making sure it would thrive in my home. She kindly added in the PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System, which is easy to setup and makes watering much less stressful. I plan on moving it to a spot with lower light, and Sue helped set me up on a schedule where I can transition it slowly in order to minimize leaf loss. It’s clear how much she and Plantz.com care about not only delivering an incredible product, but making sure you succeed in caring for it. I was very nervous about purchasing such a large & expensive plant online, but a
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