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Review of EMP Shield

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By Kenneth
Posted on 03.03.2019
This product came packaged very well. Best packing I've seen. (#5 rating) Phone Friendliness and prompt phone answer (#5 rating) Help over phone get's a '5' for wanting to help and a '3' for not calling me back. 4 wire connectivity is simple but the Instructions get a "2" at best. IF you have an older outdated "pushmatic" (Push type) breakers, then you better have 2 free in the box because finding "pushmatic" breakers can be a problem leaving you with a nice unit just 'waiting' to be installed. My point: you'll pretty much NEED a real electrician to do the Connecting due to the Joke called "Instructions". I paid $80. WOULD I recommend this to a friend still? (This sort of Insurance is just too essential NOT to have installed today!) YES! Get one! I told all my friends and on course they just sit and stare and sometimes blinked before changing the subject! LOL
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