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Review of EMP Shield

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By Jason P.
Posted on 22.03.2019
If you are considering purchasing a EMP Shield for your home or vehicle then you need to read my review first. As I started to become away of the serious threat of an eminent EMP attack on our country I began doing extensive reseach on how to protect our home, our vehicles and my wheelchair. You see I am paralyzed from the neck down from a car acccident and entirely dependent on a whole host of electrical devices to literally stay alive, including a breathing machine to keep me alive and breathing at night. So to say having electricity and my medical equipment always working no mattter what is very an understatement! I am also an inventor, engineer and the CEO of a company too. We have been so impressed with this company, all their products (we own and use ALL of their products), their friendly and incredible knowledable staff and customer service and their desire to make products that make this a better and safer world that our company plans now to use their products e
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