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Review of EMP Shield Portable for RV's, Renters, Travel Campers, and Camping

By Debra
Verified Buyer
Posted on 20.03.2019
This comment is for the customer service. I have yet to review the device. However, if the device is anything like the customer service I am safe! Seriously, this was the BEST customer service I have EVER experienced!!! I am in awe of the genuine care and old fashioned way of taking care of business that I have missed. It is refreshing to know people and companies like this still exist, especially in the business of something so essential and life saving! I do not give reviews lightly. Thank you so much Andrew for being a breath of fresh air in this ever changing world! I very much look forward to reviewing the products, and because of the amazing service, I will soon be able to provide feedback and feel more secure in such uncertain times as these.
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