Review of Weekend Warrior Camo Harness

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By Marissa K.
Posted on 05.04.2021
I bought this harness in the Greek color for my two shibas, and this color for my Belgian. Just like with the harness in green, this one sits sleek to the body, with no bubbling/popping out. It is well fitted and easy to get a good fit with the four points of contact that you can tighten and loosen as you see fit. The pattern is pretty and vibrant in person without being too loud. While my shibas have short hair, my Belgian had long hair and I have seen no evidence of hair breakage after several days of wear in the home and on hikes. This harness sits higher up on the back right above the forelegs so it’s good for smaller dogs, or if you’re looking for a harness with a smaller foot print. 10/10 would recommend for a daily harness, or even as a trail harness. (Please excuse my dogs gigantic mouth, photo was taken post fetch session)
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