8′×12′ Diamond Geometric Indoor & Outdoor Rug Review by Scott Wilhelme

Scott Wilhelme Posted 1074 days ago
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I just received my new 8x12 Mountain Mat yesterday. I unfolded it on top of our back deck to give it an inspection and it looked so beautiful with my patio furniture that my wife and I will put it out for summer entertaining rather than saving it for overlanding and camping trips. It has the same high quality of the two smaller mats that I bought for camping last year and love. When your relaxing after a long drive and camp setup these mats feel wonderful on your bare feet in your own personal space. When traveling I often pack out early and in the summer the mats might be covered in dew when I fold them but it’s not an issue because they don’t hold water like fabric rugs so they aren’t heavy, and when I set up elsewhere later in the day they dry right away. When you claim your space it is really nice to relax in a comfy chair next to your camping setup and have a portable outdoor floor space that you can sweep clean in a minute and gives you a place to take off your foo

8′×12′ Diamond Geometric Indoor & Outdoor Rug