5′×7′ Recycled Outdoor Mat Review by Lori R.

Lori R. Posted 1378 days ago
5 ⁄ 5

We bought our Mountain Mat just before our family's recent spring break beach trip. Day 1 on the beach (and day 1 of using our new Mountain Mat), we spread the Mountain Mat on the beach, set everything up and were enjoying the surf! My 11-year-old wanted an Italian ice (blue raspberry, of course), and he immediately plopped down on the Mountain Mat to eat it, spilling a good portion of the blue liquid smack in the middle of our new orange Mat! Panicked, I poured water from my water bottle onto the spill and the blue sugary liquid vanished! Even when the water dried, there was no trace of the stain! When we finished the day, we shook off the sand and the Mountain Mat looked as brand new as when we'd unpacked it that morning! We can't wait to take our Mountain Mat camping, to horse shows, and on all sorts of family adventures!

5′×7′ Recycled Outdoor Mat