Review of Lunette Cup

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By Anonymous
Posted on 03.11.2020
It is worth persevering. I'm in my early 40s, have not had children and have a retroverted uterus. I have just started using cups. I initially bought the Juju and Lunette cups. There was no leakage, which was awesome. I eventually found the Juju good to use, but the Lunette was very uncomfortable (probably too rigid for me). I found removal painful for both cups, leaving me feeling bruised, but found some fabulous young women on youtube who provide very useful information and tips. I then tried the Saalt soft cup, which is the perfect cup for me - I don't notice it when its inserted, and is only a bit uncomfortable to remove. I'm adjusting my goals from eliminating the use of sanitary pads, to reducing use to 1-2 pads per month - that way I get a bit of a break if I'm feeling uncomfortable. But as someone who has never liked using tampons - the cups are fantastic. No worries about leakage, can last the full day while I'm at work, and no waste. My initial aim was based on environmen
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