Review of Ziggy Cup

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By Lacey S.
Posted on 26.09.2020
I love this disc. It is easy to insert and remove. Slightly messier than regular cups however I change mine in the shower twice a day so not an issue for me. The cup feels nice and soft and the rim is sturdy. It is comfortable to wear and easy to forget I even have my period. I don't usually have to empty it during the day however it is easy to check if it is getting full (I do this when I pee especially on heavy days) and I can also empty it without removing. I was using a lunette size 2 that I turned inside out as size 1 was too small and size 2 was slightly too big however the Ziggy disc is now my everyday cup (sorry lunette). I have not tried period sex with it in so can't comment on that part.
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