Review of Saalt Menstrual Cup

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By Anonymous
Posted on 28.10.2020
I used the Lunette menstrual cup for a year and had so many problems with it! I would get random air bubbles (which are uncomfortable) and unexplainable leaking is even when the cup is perfectly in place and sealed. After taking some quizzes and doing research, I decided to buy the Saalt cup (my third cup). At this point, I was quite frustrated and tempted to try another alternative period product. However, Saalt does not disappoint! I generally have a heavy flow that requires me to change the cup every 3-4 hours on the first few days of my period. With the Saalt cup, I found myself going up to 5 hours despite the cup having the same capacity as the Lunette. Night one I did experience some leakage (I had the cup in for 8 hours) but this can easily be solved by wearing period underwear. Overall, this cup definitely met my expectations. I feel a lot more secure on my period with this cup, the seal is tight and secure and I can’t feel it at all. Very happy with my purchase, and I would re
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