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By Elizabeth
Posted on 15.07.2019
The most important advice I can offer when buying a cup is to choose one based on knowledge of your own body, rather than other people's expectations. Despite being in my 40's, I chose the teen/petite size cup, as I've never been pregnant and found other cups too large for comfort. I chose the femmyCycle cup for a number of reasons: it's smaller than other cups (making it easier to insert), the manufacturer states that it doesn't have to fully open in order to work (meaning it will conform to the user's body), it has a spill guard, and a ring pull (to aid removal). Despite the smaller size it was still quite difficult to insert, but I found that a dab of water based lube made the process *much* easier. The ring pull is a huge advantage over stem type grips, although still difficult to reach when the cup rides up during wear; however, the ring enabled me to attach a small length of ribbon, making removal similar to that of a tampon. The fact that it can be worn for up to 12 hours mean
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