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By Louise
Posted on 12.06.2019
Leaks constantly - unusable
13.06.2019 Seller
Hi Louise, Thank you for your review of the FemmyCycle, and we are sorry to hear of the leaking you have experienced. FemmyCycle do suggest a few tips which are different to when using other menstrual cup brands. Firstly, fold the cup into a “C” (cup will be shaped like a tampon). Fold it by pinching the rim together so as to 'trap' air inside the cup (this trapped air is what creates the suction/seal once inserted). Insert with the fold facing down towards the rectum (like an upside down U), once inserted the cup should open up on its own as much as it needs to. Do not worry about it not unfolding all the way, it should still function properly. Once inserted, only insert until the removal ring is sitting inside the vaginal opening or resting on the vaginal opening. Then give the removal ring a slight tug; in order to lock it into place and secure it from leaks. It is even OK if it hangs out a little, as it will aid in easier removal and ensure that the cup isn’t too close to your cervix. Please let us know if you have tried these suggestions and if you have more success