Review of Ruby Cup

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By Kylee M.
Posted on 10.01.2020
I bought the Ruby Cup because I liked that one cup was then getting donated to women and girls who need it. The cup itself is great, although I will only use this one for light days. I’ve had a few mishaps, such as dropping it down the loo but with a Ruby Cup steriliser, no problems (just gross getting it out of the loo haha!) It was difficult to insert the first time (trial run) with some panic when I couldn’t locate it to get it out (long cervix, obviously!) but by the time I got my period, it was manageable. I think it was the wrong size for me because I found when it was at near capacity, I could feel the suction release and then I’d have to rush very quickly to the loo. I prefer for myself the PelviCup, which is a bit softer to insert and better for my needs (over 40, had children, heavy periods). But I’d recommend the Ruby Cup to others due to price, quality and it’s commitment to helping others.
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