Review of Ruby Cup

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By Nicole
Posted on 27.11.2019
I’ve only used it for one cycle so far and I got the hang of it! It did take a few tries, I could still feel it at first and I was putting it in a bit too far. I also felt panicky when I thought it was ‘stuck’ but I reread the instructions and realised i wasn’t ‘pushing down’ in order to get hold of the cup and break the seal. Simple. By the end of this cycle I had no problem sitting it in the right position, I couldn’t feel it at all and no leakage. I think I will buy the bigger size too as I don’t want to have to change it every 4 hours for heavy flow. I chose Ruby Cup because the ‘how to choose the right size’ info was simple, it sounded like a great first cup, and the ‘give one’ concept. I think I made a great choice.
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