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By Anonymous
Posted on 26.10.2019
This is my first cup, after years of using pads. I could never tolerate tampons. I discovered them on Youtube randomly. Then realised their benefits on a zero waste blog. I've been wanting to be more environmentally friendly so I gave them a shot. TBH I went for the cheapest option first & chose the small size as I've got a low cervix. It fits to my surprise, but it's a little uncomfortable. You really want to find the right size for you, so do your research. That said it works a treat. I haven't had any leakage. Remember to boil it before & after your cycle for cleanliness. Inserting is easier if you use both hands & gently work it in. You can use water based lube if your flow hasn't started yet. Make sure it's in far enough so the stem doesn't bother you. Removal is a little trickier. You've got to bare down, find the stem then pinch the base to release the suction & pull until you can get a grip with your other hand & fold it into a C shape, then gently pull out completely. Then dum
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