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By Anonymous
Posted on 07.08.2019
This will be a very long and in depth review: First off I purchased this knife over a year ago. I wasn’t too happy with it but only made a review after I received a reminder mail at the end of June 2019. So my initial review was as follows: ___ Sadly I was not satisfied with this purchase. Handle: ergonomic and nicely rounded. Nothing to dislike here. Blade: Very cool and innovative design. The looks and profile of the knife was the actual reason for my purchase. With the blade the problems start: The blade was not sharp what so ever and the edge-grind was extremely uneven: halfway down the edge grind the angle changes, as if someone put on a 25 degree angle and after that went another pass in some areas with a 40 degree angle. I wish i could add a photo to show… Also, The coating is also useless, it is uneven and seems glossy (as if spray painted) in some areas and porose in other areas (like very small bubbles you can see). I bought this knife, decided that i didnt like it and
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