Review of EMP & Lightning Protection for Vehicles (DC-12V-W)

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By Frank Pinna
Posted on 23.09.2020
Purchased for my new 2020 Jeep. After checking stats and claims I knew I had to have this item. I am significantly electronically and mechanically "challenged " and even watching the videos and reading the instructions NUMEROUS times I still was not sure I could install this without ruining something else of mine. I called and spoke to Joanne and explained my concerns. . She was very polite , knowledgeable, professional and kind. She had me email her a picture of my problem. I did. And to my surprise within a few minutes I received a call from her and an email. She had me open the email and then explained and MADE SURE I knew and understood EXACTLY what to do with areas circled and marked for me. ALL my concerns were remedied and I was/am VERY PLEASED. WITH personal service like that and a product that MAJOR government agencies utilize I AM MORE THAN HAPPY with my purchase. EMPshield are VERY BLESSED to have a young lady as her representing their company. SHE
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