Review of EMP Shield Portable for RV's, Renters, Travel Campers, and Camping

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By Kirk Miller
Posted on 19.11.2019
Hello, Product appears to be as promised. Support is extremely good. Installation is easy. But, twice I was offered a 10% discount on my next purchase, and never saw a coupon window in the order screen. The last time, Amber graciously suggested "extra10". Then, I looked at my old paperwork and found that "GetEmpShield" was offered. Maybe I'm old and blind, but in Mozilla Firefox, as a search engine - the coupon window does not seem to appear. Also, I have a question. The plug-in RV version has a long 6' extension cord. I would be curious to know if that cord is shielded. Furthermore, you might be aware (or not) that your product was recently reviewed on a website called "survivalblog.com". All good, not complaining: but it's like I told Amber, I will pursue the discounts where I find them. Regards, Kirk Miller
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