Non-Slip FRP Decking Strips Review by William Muzzall

William Muzzall Posted 819 days ago
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I think the attached photos may tell the whole sad story! I believe the actual product is VERY GOOD, however, the inconsistent hole drilling is appalling. Of 42 pieces, 38 are wrong and attachment on each end is poor. The photos clearly show that. When I opened the package I noticed the larger margin on the one side. I have already fallen on this ramp and sustained a fractured vertebrae. When I saw the wider margin, I instructed the contractor to alternate them thereby achieving some uniformity. I was away from the house while he completed the project. The LAST FOUR pieces he put down were perfect and as is obvious with the photos they call immediate attention to the 38 that are incorrect. The contractor called these inconsistencies to my attention immediately upon my return. I told him to leave them as I did not have anything to replace them. I do not know what the solution/resolution is, but hopefully the seller has some thoughts and suggestions. Hopefully there can be a speedy reso

Non-Slip FRP Decking Strips