FDA Approved and DOT Certified Disposable WatchPat One Home Sleep Apnea Test Reviews

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Edgar Fernandez Posted 232 days ago
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Jamie Posted 259 days ago
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Hello Jamie, we appreciate your feedback. However, we'd appreciate greater accuracy in your comments to ensure fair representation for our customers. Regarding your mention of the pin number, we want to clarify that in the product description, we explicitly state, "How it works? Order a Home Sleep Apnea Test Kit. The PIN number will be provided on the sleep test box." Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of having the test evaluated by a physician in two separate paragraphs: "We suggest you forward the sleep test results to your physician to review and discuss treatment options with you." and "We do recommend you forward the sleep apnea test results to your physician for a full evaluation and diagnosis." We encourage thorough reading of the product description before expressing concerns. Your understanding is vital to us as a small business, and we believe providing accurate information is crucial for fair assessments. Have a wonderful day!