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Review of Cedar Ridge Outdoors

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By Billie
Posted on 25.06.2019
I've heard wonderful things about CRO quilts, including from my hiking buddy who swears by them and has outfitted her whole family with CRO quilts. I had a quilt from another company that seemed to work great for me. However, after freezing my tootsies off during a backpacking trip, I decided I needed to step up my game and order an CRO quilt. I'll start by saying the customer service is top notch! Warren was patient and answered all my millions of questions and clarified my order when it didn't seem right based on our conversation.....ended up saving me money! My CRO was custom made to my specs to minimize weight, yet keep me warm on the coldest of nights. When it first arrived it was so stinkin light I was concerned it would keep me any warmer then my other quilt. Boy was I wrong! I took this quilt on a camping trip where the night temps dropped to lower 40s, upper 30s and I was super warm! I had a great nights sleep! I highly recommend this quilt to any who wants to be warm withou
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