San Diego County Trail Map Review by Noah DesRosiers

Noah DesRosiers Posted 1052 days ago
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OK, so as a 6 yr. San Diego resident and outdoor professional, I bought two of these maps to consider making a wall mounting to show guests the area. While some of your customers raved about it as a research tool to find lesser known outdoor spaces, it wasn't as informative with highways and population areas - duh, I guess, as that's not a TRAIL map's intention, anyhow). I'll keep them... but they are in that weird limbo zone - you wouldn't use them on the trail, but you don't quite need them doing research for a particular hike when AllTrails, Google Earth, USFS, BLM, CA State Parks, etc. maps already exist. Will have to check out more county parks to see how this delivers on areas I didn't know about.

San Diego County Trail Map