CHR Handrail Section with Return Review by Ryan B.

Ryan B. Posted 577 days ago
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The good: The base components have a nice finish and appearance. After I modified them for a proper install, it looks good and works well (for the most part). The bad: 1) Cost is too high. I knew the cost was high when I bought these, but I assumed I was getting high quality parts. 2) Mounting Hardware Inadequate. I received these railings with self tapping metal screws, 3/4 thread length. This hardware leaves maybe 3/8 of an inch of thread engagement after engaging through the handrail flange. It doesnt matter what you are screwing this handrail into, the screw size and engagement is insufficient. Alternatively, I used 3 inch deck screws. This required me to countersink all the flange holes for a flush mount. Oddly, the backside of the elbow flange in countersink. The screws that are intended to attach the middle support are too large for the head to insert into the counterbored holes. 3) Incosistent Part Tolerances. Some collars had to be beat on after I chambered the tube face

CHR Handrail Section with Return