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Review of A Healthy Leaf

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By Lesley C.
Posted on 17.02.2020
I thought my previous Moringa powder purchased from a health-food store was high quality (Integrity brand) but since I started using Mark’s powder I week ago , not only is the color 2 or 3 shades brighter, the taste is much more bitter as I was just mixing a heaping 1/2 tsp in 1/2 a cup of water and chugging it. Now I add a little juice to mask the strong taste! I also purchased his capsules and take 3 or 4 at night in addition essentially doubling my previous dosage. Everyone is sick around me, yet I am not. Also struggling with mild depression for YEARS my moods have been much more even keeled. It is hard to explain But Moringa feels so BALANCING for the whole body Im excited to see improvements in edema and weight loss as well (will update!). Lastly my skin is fantastic! I’m 55 and am blessed with few wrinkles anyway but wear makeup to hide sunspots, discolorations, large pores etc. The other night I took my makeup off and mused to myself My skin looked so good I felt like my
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