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Review of Moringa Capsules Made With 100% Pure Certified Organic Moringa

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By Eileen Reposa
Posted on 28.06.2020
After 15 months of taking Moringa from A Healthy Leaf, this will be the best review I have ever given because if it doesn't convince others to try it, then they will not reap the superb benefits that can help them as it has helped me. With the hard times this country is facing, people are struggling to make ends meet. I for one had a financial set back and could not afford to reorder my Moringa capsules, therefore i went without my capsules for 3 weeks. Normally I dont run out, but since the Covid19 hit back in January, I decided to increase my intake from 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM over to 4 in the Am and 2 in the PM. To be sure my system was filled with enough vitamins and minerals to keep my system healthy, but then the unexpected happen and my hours at work were cut leaving me to take care of priorities...bills, rent, food..etc.... which regrettably left me unable to purchase my monthly supply of Moringa capsules. That was my biggest mistake! Although the Moringa capsules are
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