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By Janice
Posted on 24.02.2020
I've been taking Moringa for about 2 mths now and have noticed a big difference in my BP. It was really high and I've been on BP meds since 2009. Was in a very stressful job for 5 yrs and my Dr increased (actually doubled the dosage from 50 mg daily to 100) and even tho I quit the job over a yr ago, I still continued on the BP meds. I'm now back to only taking 50 mg daily or every other day....recently went to the Dr and was pleasantly surprised it was near normal after a decade on meds!!! I know one of the benefits of taking Moringa helps to lower BP and I can tell such a difference since I've been taking it, the proof was the results taken at the Dr. office. I've also noticed more energy and overall feeling good with no brain fog. Thank you for producing a healthy, organic product to help increase not only quality of life but an alternative to meds that always have a side effect on the body. I will continue to be a regular customer and hope that you will be in business for a long
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