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Review of A Healthy Leaf

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By Trudy
Posted on 12.02.2020
I received my order 2 weeks ago. I am 61 years old. I have to admit I do feel more energetic. I work night shifts and even during the day when I’m off I feel clear headed. I just got back from a well check today, which I’ve been putting check up off for years. Everyone in my I family, parents and siblings had, and those still alive have, high blood pressure. Mine’s 120 over 80. Yea! Blood tests come back in a couple of days. I expect they will be fine. I don’t eat a lot of meat for starters. My cravings for carbs and sweets are down a bit since I started this supplement. I don’t know if taking Moringa has anything to do with that but I’d like to think it does. I’m glad I ordered a good supply and sure hope A Healthy Leaf isn’t a here today, gone tomorrow thing. I’m sold.
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