Review of Safety Razor Made In The USA | Plus 105 Blades

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By Jason
Posted on 28.12.2020
This is my first time using one of these, I have just ditched the cartridge type and glad I did. The razor is rock solid, beautifully machined and made. Breaks down into 3 easy to clean pieces and the magnet in the handle makes moving blades around safe and easy. The handle is nicely shaped and machined so that you can change grip and have firm control, even when your hands are wet. Compact, it stows and travels well. I've only used the Tatra blades and they seem fine as they cut the hair no problem. I don't have other brands to compare them too. I am only aware of one other made in US safety razor on the market. I chose this one due to its all stainless steel construction, I wanted a heavier razor. Feels great in hand and easy to use.
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