17X7 Raw Tweed Mini Pedal Board - Little Rock - Ready to Ship Review by Jerry

Jerry Posted 227 days ago
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This is my third purchase from West Coast - & for a guy that is a minimal pedal user, that should tell you how much i appreciate their boards & service. I was an early customer - 2013 or 2014, with a Tweed Little Rock Flat, then a White Tolex to match my vintage Blonde Showman - now a Tweed Little Rock Mini 17 x 7. Goes great to match the '59 Bassman - but classes up any other Fender amp, too. Workmanship & Quality - first rate. The features, selection & options have always been ahead of their competitors, which is probably what led me to them & kept me with them. You can get the monster sized boards, & ugly industrial boards from lots of places, but West Coast does a great job offering both a stylish board, & one well suited for a pedal minimalist. The Little Rock Flat get compliments at shows, in it's stylish self contained case. I've walked into a studio/gig with a guitar in one hand, Deluxe Reverb in the other, & a West Coast case tucked under my arm. This new board is excellent - every detail nailed - thanks West Coast!


17X7 Raw Tweed Mini Pedal Board - Little Rock - Ready to Ship