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By Gabriela S.
Posted on 20.09.2019
I have recently placed my first order of the raw vegan cakes online. I ordered the discounted box of randomly selected 25 cakes. They looked beautiful and all of them were really tasty. I booked these to take to work and share with my colleagues on my Birthday. Everyone loved them and they were a great success! However, I was given a very generous 4 hour delivery slot on the day and this was missed! Only by 2 minutes but the delivery arrived outside the delivery slot nevertheless. This is very disappointing especially when the delivery window is this big and you pay almost £18 pounds for it!! I also felt that the box the cakes were delivered in was not appropriate and the bottom was rather thin and flimsy for the weight and number of cakes it was holding. The little cardboard bases the cakes were placed on were glued to the base and I had to use a sharp knife to separate them from the base of the box in order to serve the cakes to my colleagues. It was rather awkward. All in all, the
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