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Review of Raw Vegan Mini Cakes Selection Box

By Elena
Verified Buyer
Posted on 06.03.2019
i personally had only a little bite of each kind - and i really liked them (you gave me a good selection, there was more than 4 kinds, perhaps about 9? ) ... i have to and i am planning to ask those who i got it for - for their feedbacks, so if i manage to do that and when i manage to do that, i will definitely pass it on to you... but otherwise - everybody was very impressed (not only visually with the beautiful designs and art and craft, but also with the fact they are raw and even vegan, and not baked etc... ;) ) when they saw the content of the box -- and these were my final 'targets' ;) = receivers and consumers (solicitors and my friend), lady in the lift who saw it, receptionist lady whom i asked to keep it for me in the fridge meanwhile we were in the court room in the end and as far i know alltogether there was at least 7 people who could taste these cakes ;) - and i think all of us liked them !! :) by any chance -- would you remeber or do you keep a record of that wha
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