Review of AQUA SPORT 2

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By Helen L.
Posted on 15.07.2020
Big Max Aqua Sport 2 bag in charcoal black/red has been on four rounds with one being wet and so far it has been the best bag overall I have ever owned. It replaced a Pxxx bag. Things to love are the two lifting handles on top and opposing those are two handles on the bag itself where most bags have only one, the carry strap design that has four connection points to balance the weight while transporting, the light weight construction of the bag itself with out sacrificing structural integrity, the spaciousness of the pockets and the depth of the cooler pocket to hold two 20 oz Hydro Flasks, ease it marries with the Big Max push cart and the ease of use of the zippers on the waterproof fabric. Improvement for next version, adding some internal mesh to help improve the internal organization of those big pockets. I added zippered pouches affixed with Velcro to keep my items organized and easily accessible. It is a really sharp looking bag and I am glad I took a chance and purchased i
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