Review of Black History Flashcards, Vol 3 and 4 (Two deck bundle offer)

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By Anonymous
Posted on 03.06.2020
I just received my package including 4 packs of flashcards and a coloring book, and to be quite honest, I am thrilled to look through them. I bought them specifically for my son whom I am homeschooling during the pandemic because I noticed a glaring lack of Black History, but I am learning more and more every day because of these resources, and I am so glad these resources exist. I hope reading more about the history of black people will help me better understand the institutional challenges that they face every day, and I hope that a better understanding of the privileges i hold as a white person will help me see injustice and step in to help where I can. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the work that y'all are doing.
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