Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella Model U-212s Review by Christopher Hallock

Christopher Hallock Posted 399 days ago, updated 386 days ago
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My umbrella broke. It got stuck in the open position and would not close. I want a refund.

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NTOI® Unbreakable® Umbrella Posted 386 days agoSeller
Your umbrella is not broken. It being “stuck in the open position” happens to people who choose not to follow its Use and Care Instructions, posted at https://unbreakableumbrella.com/product/unbreakable-telescopic-umbrella-model-u-212s/#Use-and-Care, which include instruction videos. To make the umbrella unstuck, please follow the instructions in one of these videos, which you may also view on YouTube at https://youtu.be/vjH-8-zR61Y

Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella Model U-212s