Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Model U-115 Review by Peter L.

Peter L. Posted 1112 days ago
5 ⁄ 5

Fantastic - better than expected. This is well designed and very well made. I felt I was taking a risk at the price, but after using it regularly for several months, I appreciate the value and plan to purchase another. As an umbrella, it is excellent in deployment, withstanding wind, handle comfort, and closing. It is very sturdy as well, and I have used it as a cane on several forest hikes. The body-shaft is very strong yet gives a very satisfyingly slight flex. This is more useful on uneven terrain, slightly less so on stairs. It basically gives good feel and control when used as a supplemental cane (I would not consider it a replacement for a cane as for a cane I personally prefer a slightly longer length, but everyone is different). The manufacturing quality is very good. The only suggestions for the manufacturer would be the storage-sleeve. It does a nice job holding the umbrella into a clean and compact package. Opportunities for improvement is lower sleeve through hole bei

Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Model U-115