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By Anonymous
Posted on 12.02.2020
I’m nearing the end of my bottle usage. I was already breaking out when I first started using the power duo and it somewhat cleared my face so I thought I wasn’t gonna go through the purge phase but I guess I was wrong since I started breaking out A LOT after like the 3rd week. I had bad breakouts all throughout and was worried this wasn’t working for me. But I continued using it and holding on to the hope that it’ll clear out soon, just like how it did for others. I started noticing a difference on the 10th week or so. When I washed my face, it was just smoother. Granted, there are still some scars which made it look like I still had a lot of acne but at least they weren’t as bad anymore. I’m on the 12th week but I haven’t finished the whole bottle. I still have acne here and there but not as bad as they used to. Will definitely purchase again to see if the progress will continue because I think it’s finally working.
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